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Self-Activating Clay Mask - 100g

Natural Clay from the beautiful French Mountains. This clay mask is for those who suffer from oily skin. The clay absorbs the oils whilst deep cleansing deep into the pores removing any bacteria, dirt and reduce the size of your pores.


What’s different about this formula?

Most masks you will find that they are ready to use. However, we want to make the mask that was customisable. You can use this mask by adding water or floral waters to the mixture a little at a time until it is a thick consistency.


TIPS: Add a couple of drops of the Night oil into the clay mask before mixing with water to get the flawless radiant look. 


Our products have been formulated adhering to the EU regulations. Each batch is manufactured by the formulator, which gives our products the quality and consistency throughout the whole production. We only use products that are good for you, so no synthetic ingredients are used in any of our products. Looking after your skin, is what we love to do!