Nature tailors the framework
of our thinking.

Welcome to Lårs Labels.

We are part of the journey to a more sustainable future; Lårs Labels is a retail destination and experience for learning, education and creative inspiration. The industry is constantly evolving, and there are always new ways of doing things from exciting new materials, to manufacturing processes. We will be telling the brands’ stories, what's new, and how everyone can make small changes to their lives. Here, in the journal, is where we’ll be documenting what inspires us, industry changes, and what we can all do for a more sustainable future.

It's not about one person doing everything right, it's about a lot of people making smaller changes and Lårs Labels will be part of this journey.

Firstly, we’d like to introduce ourselves. I’m Sophie Larsen and have worked for over ten years as a Retail Buyer for some of the largest E-commerce sites globally. I set out to create a platform dedicated purely to conscious, considered products across fashion, beauty and lifestyle to allow customers to easily make positively impacting purchase decisions in one online location.

Co-Founded with Chris Jarrett, Chris is an award-winning Creative Director with over fifteen years experience in the creative and design industry, specialising in the fields of design, fashion, technology, film and visual arts.

We have always been passionate and inspired about sustainable ways of living and how to incorporate this into our personal and professional lives.  

Passionate about authenticity and transparency, we wanted to challenge the incredible amount of greenwashing, and lack of transparency across the industry.

We both wanted sustainable and ethically minded fashion and lifestyle products which also sat within our own personal style and design aesthetic. The more we researched, the more beautiful brands and products we found, but not a one stop shop which offered this. This led us to develop Lårs Labels, a name which originates from Sophie's Scandinavian heritage and minimalist approach to design and living.

Each brand and product on Lårs Labels is curated and shares our value of taking a long term approach to design, manufacturing and the consumption of products, whilst also focussing on what is morally right. Lårs Labels champion brands which are fully transparent in all of their processes who create goods which avoid harm to people, animals, and the planet, but also meet their love for beautiful, design led products, marrying both ethics and aesthetics.

We hope that you enjoy the site as much as we have creating it, working with inspirational, forward thinking brands. We look forward to growing, building and welcoming you to our community.