Nature tailors the framework
of our thinking.

Slow Fashion. Greenwashing. Environment.

Lars Labels is a curated marketplace showcasing sustainable, ethically considered and independent fashion, beauty and lifestyle products that do more good for the world. We set up Lars Labels to not only become a platform for beautiful, attainable products that are made responsibly from design to delivery that you won’t find on the high street, but to also challenge how commercial fashion retailers are approaching sustainability.

We are proud to be working with an amazing selection of considered brands who pride themselves on producing items ethically, with social and environmental responsibility at the utmost importance and at the core of ethics.

We operate as a marketplace which means that when you place an order, it comes directly to you from the brand. With larger fashion retailers who operate as a wholesale model, this means that the brand ships to the retailer's warehouse, and then ships to you. We eliminate one step in the delivery process which reduces the carbon footprint of that product. Great news! We also work on far lower margins which means a more competitive price for the customer and a fairer cost to the brand.

We are also fully aligned with our brand partner pricing to ensure we are working fairly.

We urge and encourage you to ask questions to retailers and brands asking about their sustainability policies. Greenwashing (where brands or retailers deceptively persuade a customer that they are more sustainable than what they claim to be) is rife and we sift through the BS to bring you products where environmental and social responsibility is at the core of their business model. Just because an item is made from organic cotton or is vegan, does this mean that it can be classed as ‘sustainable’? Absolutely not! Ask yourself who has produced that item, what packaging does it come in, how many units are that brand producing and how much ‘newness’ do they bring out? Are they ultimately still fast fashion? With limited transparency and production processes hidden from your view, it’s smoke and mirrors.

Why do we charge shipping and request for the customer to pay for the return?

Some retailers offer the customer free delivery and 90 days free returns but at what cost is this to the brand and the planet? We encourage you to consider your purchase on Lars Labels so returns are kept to a minimum which reduces the carbon footprint of that item. If you have any questions about a product on our website, please contact us! Free delivery and free returns comes at a cost to the brand which is not factored into the prices which you see. Sometimes at larger companies, brands are also not paid until after this 90 days; How does this affect how they are able to pay their suppliers? We pay the brands as soon as their returns policy has expired which includes any shipping costs which the customer has incurred at checkout.

We understand that returns are sometimes necessary but we want to avoid the culture of ordering more than you need and using online retailers as a try on service.

We are constantly striving to improve our processes, work with more brands who speak to our core values both ethically and aesthetically and we encourage you to ask us questions so we can continue to do more good for our planet.

Buying less and buying better is what we stand for with the intention that each item stays with you for longer.