Wires Glasses is a new genderless eyewear brand handcrafted in Italy. The frame is a stainless steel wire with an invisible hinge.

Since inception, Wires Glasses has been on a mission to reduce plastic and material waste in the eyewear industry, through using 3D printing which is a zero waste manufacturing technology.

For their new 2020 collection, “See the World you Create”, Wires are using a bio-material derived from castor beans for both the 3D printed rims, and all sunglasses lenses, including a wide variety of colours: pink, blue, green, orange, brown and grey.

The inclusive designs have been developed to suit any face for any occasion, and break the conventions of sustainable eyewear, being ultra comfortable, lightweight and durable.

Wires champions quality and equality - craftsmanship and craftwomanship - and consider the frames akin to jewellery, to be loved and looked after for life.