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We have been thrilled with the response Lårs Labels has received over the first month of launching. We are hugely thankful to the support of our new environmentally and socially conscious customers, sustainable loving ambassadors and pro slow fashion editors, writing about us in the press.

It has been a joy to see our customers' summer purchases which have been beautifully navigated across categories and products in fashion, beauty and lifestyle.

Our customers' journey began with lifestyle essentials which included the naturally curated treasure basket by Grasp and Gather, 100% natural soy candles infused with essential oils by SVAR:ØG and OEKO TEX certified Cotton Blankets by Lüks. The journey continued into vegan footwear, organic beauty and ethically-made wardrobe pieces such as the Organic Cotton T-Shirt by Veryan and beautifully handmade 100% organic cotton dresses by A Perfect Nomad.


The Telegraph

“Lårs Labels makes shopping for chic, ethically-made pieces easy”

We received a very complimentary article written by Krissy Turner from The Telegraph, introducing Lårs Labels to their readers.

Key call outs included FRANKS London for special dresses and jumpsuits and Vanesa Vinhas for their beautifully handcrafted casual tailoring. It was also great to see that one of our main focuses was highlighted which is full transparency in the industry.

Read The Telegraph article

Fashion and Beauty Monitor

“Each brand curated on Lårs Labels are fully transparent and ethical.”

Before launching, Sophie Larsen (Founder) was approached by Fashion and Beauty Monitor, the leading PR solutions provider for the fashion, beauty and lifestyle industries for an interview to find out more about the Lårs Labels site and our values.

The interview, hosted by Dale Barnett, tackled a broad array of topics such as the lack of transparency and greenwashing in the sustainable fashion, beauty and lifestyle market, and discussed Scandi minimalism and Sophie's advice to give to fashion and beauty entrepreneurs. We also shared insight into some of our vegan and ethically conscious brands and products on the site such as Humans Are Vain a Premium Swedish Vegan footwear brand that combines the latest sustainable materials and innovation methods with timeless contemporary design. Irene Forte who use more than 75 of the most effective natural and biomimetic ingredients and source locally and use handpicked, organic farming methods.

Read the Fashion and Beauty Monitor interview



“Your favourite sustainable fashion, beauty and lifestyle labels in one place”

Refinery29 is the modern woman's destination for how to live a stylish, well-rounded life.

Lårs Labels had the honour to receive a wonderful feature, 'Refinery29 Loves…What To See & Shop This Week'. Fashion Editor Georgia Murray made an introduction to Lårs Labels alongside Christopher Kane and PUMA, with key brand and product call outs including Veryan for their Linen Midi Dress In Navy, Birdsong for their Maxi Dress In White And Navy Blue Print and a Perfect Nomad for their Symi Organic Cotton Dress.

marie claire

"Your new go-to destination for a solid edit of ethical and sustainable products"

We are excited to have been positioned second out of 33 (2/33) on the marie claire website. They had selected Lårs Labels to be featured on their Hot List: Here’s what’s new in your favourite stores and online this week. A cool round up and ultimate shopping list written by marie claire Editor Sunil Makanjuly, where Lårs Labels sat alongside names such as Matches Fashion, Christian Louboutin, Alexander McQueen and Christopher Kane. As an ethically conscious fashion platform we are incredibly proud to represent slow and sustainable fashion and bring this to the mainstream.

The Sunday Times Style Magazine

"The future of online shopping."

Within the first couple of weeks of launching Lårs Labels we received a wonderful feature in the print edition of The Sunday Times Style Magazine. The STS Magazine is an Iconic edit of the best fashion and beauty products, combined with trusted opinion.

Fashion journalist Henrik Morten Lischke selected the beautiful Bower Minidress made from 100% linen responsibly produced in Portugal, whilst quoting larslabels.com as the future of online shopping.


"A newborn of the retail world."

BURO247 is a smart digital destination for luxury fashion, beauty and culture. On the week Lårs Labels launched they wrote a wonderful article on the importance of Sustainable Fashion and how the fashion industry is responsible for 10% of global carbon dioxide emissions each year. BURO. highlighted Lårs Labels as the go-to online shopping destination.

A newborn of the retail world, Lårs Labels is an online shopping destination wholly dedicated to fashion, beauty and lifestyle products that are both environmentally and socially conscious.

Lårs Labels exists to challenge the greenwashing and lack of transparency that define the retail industry's approach to sustainability.

Read the BURO. article here


Because Magazine

"Fashion fiends and sustainable fanatics rejoice, for the launch of Lårs Labels"

Because Magazine is a curated, daily selection of fashion, beauty and brains and we had the pleasure of speaking to them about our launch and exclusive must-have sustainable pieces.

Read The Because Magazine article

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