In conversation with Sustainable French Lingerie brand Olly.

We are proud partners with French lingerie brand Olly where eco-friendly underwear meets feminine design.

Our ethos is working with brands who are fully transparent in all of their processes from design to delivery and consistently look to improve their ways of working to develop their sustainability measures - Explore here for the Lårs Labels curated Olly edit.

Offering beautiful sets in classic yet modern shapes, Olly uses certified organic cotton and recycled lace using unharmful dyes, all produced in Europe. We spoke with one of the Olly founders Mathilde to discuss the brand further.

Tell us about Olly and who is behind the brand.

Behind Olly we are two young women, Mathilde and Clémentine. We met during our studies in Paris. We went for an exchange program in Berlin and it is in this amazing and very eco-friendly city that the idea of Olly popped up in our heads.

What are your core sustainability values?

We try our best to produce underwear that are the most eco-friendly: organic cotton, recycled lace, European made and non harmful dyes. But at Olly we don’t stop there, we really see sustainability as something global which is why we don’t do sales but prefer to have fair prices the whole year or choose to use eco-friendly packaging for instance.

Where do you get your inspiration from for your designs?

We imagine styles that we would love to wear for ourselves. That’s really our way of thinking, if something is not lovely enough or not comfortable enough for us we just don’t do it. So I would say that we are inspired by our everyday life, we always try to imagine the eco-friendly pants and bras of our dream, the ones that are beautiful, sustainable and comfortable. The ones that you will love and wear for a long time!

If you could change anything about the lingerie/apparel industry, what would you change?

We would banish greenwashing! That’s one of the main issues. People think that something is sustainable because it is made with recycled lace. But that is not enough. We need to know where the lace comes from, where the items were produced, in what conditions, by whom and if the brand produces in a reasonable way or incentivises us to always consume more with sales?
Sustainability and responsibility is a whole concept that implies many aspects, you cannot say that you are responsible if you use organic cotton but the product has been made by people working in poor conditions and for a very low income.

Can you tell us anything about what’s in store for Olly over the next 3 years?

We would like to enlarge our collections with other forms of bras and pants, launch swimsuits and go even further in sustainability using new materials such as tencel or natural dyes.

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