In conversation with sustainable, female-led & conscious lifestyle brand SABINNA.

Lårs Labels have partnered with conscious lifestyle brand SABINNA; Run from their East London Studio, SABINNA offers signature handcraft details, statement silhouettes and vibrant colour palettes and prints, all produced ethically in Europe using natural fibers. We spoke with them to understand her vision and what sustainability means for her and the brand.

Explore our sustainable and conscious collection made SABINNA.

Tell us about SABINNA and who is behind the brand.

SABINNA stands for consciousness, storytelling and innovation. We are a female-led team, based in London and Vienna, offering sustainable products and experiences. We are well known for our signature handcraft details, strong silhouettes and vibrant colour palettes as well as being a modern storyteller for women.

What are your core sustainability values?

When talking about sustainable practices it's always important to bear in mind the size of the business. When I just started off by myself it was very difficult to establish relationships with suppliers or get my hands on innovative materials that would meet my ethical expectations. My sustainability framework was very different in year one compared to our framework today. There are certain values that were always important to me and the company was built with the aim to always respect those. We’ve always produced locally by partnering up with small independent factories in the UK. We started to make our own hand knits in Vienna and built our own knitwear studio there. Everyone who has worked with us was paid for their work - we don't support free internships or free work in general. When it comes to materials, we started working with natural fiber deadstock fabrics as this was the most sustainable material we could get back then. Moving forward, we’ve managed to establish great relationships with suppliers who we can get GOTS certified organic cotton from or the fabulous fabric Tencel. Sustainable practices are an ongoing process and with research and innovation in this field, new opportunities open up. As a company, it is our responsibility to keep learning and adding new practices to the business where possible.

We also explore sustainability beyond the product and make sure to be mindful about all aspects of our business. Our packaging is made out of corn and is 100% compostable and our tissue paper is printed using soy based ink and is completely acid-free. It's also really important to us to be conscious of our own production offcuts, which we never dispose of. Instead, we create our own scrunchies, hairbands and now also non-medical face masks out of them. Taking care of your garments is really important and we want the SABINNA customer to make the most out of it, which is why we also offer free repairing services to make the item feel like new again.

What inspires your collections?

I am alway inspired by other women and their stories. I like to listen to them, to image visual aspects of their memories and to transform them into clothes.

If you could change one thing about the apparel industry, what would it be?

I would like it to be more transparent. We need more accountability in our industry.

Can you tell us anything about the future of SABINNA for the coming years?

2020 has been an unusual and adventurous year for us - like for most businesses I assume. The plan is to  keep going, to stay true to our values and promises, to keep pushing the boundaries with innovation and to find a good balance between offering products and experiences.

Explore our sustainable and conscious collection made SABINNA.

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