Welcome to Lårs Labels Journal.

Welcome to Lårs Labels Journal.

In conversation with sustainable and ethical knitwear brand Francis Stories.

This Autumn we proudly launched Francis Stories, a beautiful knitwear brand that focus on longevity, quality and production in a sustainable and ethical manner considering their approach towards people, animals and the planet. We spoke to Jose, one of the founders, to hear more about their vision, values and the future of fashion.

Explore our sustainable and ethical knitwear collection made by Francis Stories.


Tell us more about Francis Stories and who is behind the brand?

Francis Stories, in its core, intends to create high-quality 100% natural garments in a deeply ethical and considered way towards people, animal-life and nature. At Francis Stories, we believe that we have to be an active part of the change in the fashion industry, by educating the customers on the basis of a more considerate fashion consumption and at the same time, by providing them with fashion options that allow them to fulfill their fashion desires while maintaining a high-level of respect for nature, animal life and people. This philosophy is the mindset of the two founders of the brand - Sonia and Jose -, a duo that has been, through the past decade, increasingly growing concerned on the ethical and sustainable problems of the fashion industry and with the lack of viable and transparent options on the market and from the established brands, and wanted to give their contribution to the increasing movement of sustainable fashion that the new generations, born with a deeper concern for the planet and people, have been developing.

What are your core sustainability values?

We believe the best path towards sustainability is through a thoughtful and considered consumption - one where consumers consciously and in an informed way choose garments that are good quality, that will last and will not easily grow tired of which they can wear frequently without degrading rapidly. That's why we create high-quality pieces, whether it is construction-wise, or in the aesthetics. On top of that and because every garment degrades over time and eventually reaches the end of its lifecycle, we believe in using only natural materials, because this way we know nature will be able to reprocess into its resources. Finally, we foster the respect and ethical treatment of people, animals and nature throughout our entire supply chain, by working with highly qualified and educated partners who are able to align with our vision, by working with factories close to us (in Portugal), which we can visit and ensure fair treatment of people and the provision of high standards of working and employment conditions, and by selecting suppliers that are certified by independent entities on the sustainable management of resources and ethical treatment of animals.

You only use natural materials, can you tell us more about why this is, and the wool you use?

From the beginning, we were set on creating a brand and pieces that would leave a minimal and as ephemeral as possible footprint on the planet. Whilst we work into creating pieces that have as long a useful life as possible, we are absolutely aware that nothing lasts forever, and that garments, particularly knitwear, produce waste both during their usage, i.e., through the micro fibres that break free from the piece during wearing and washing, and after they are eventually disposed of at the end of their lifecycle. The solution, for us, is obvious - the use of natural materials, which nature knows how to absorb, how to break down and transform into new things. While recycling is undoubtedly important - particularly for plastic fibres, such as acrylics, poliesters, and the likes -, it will, unfortunately never cover 100% of the end-of-lifecycle garments and it will definitely not tackle the fibres that are released during wearing or washing of the garments, which end up polluting water streams, oceans and lands. That's why we believe so much in only using natural materials.

If you could change anything about the fashion/apparel industry, what would this be and why?

If there was one thing, I'd say it would be education of the consumer - I think that education moves mountains, it is the social sparkle that ignites the flame of change, in whatever situation and social problem we are talking about. Sustainability in fashion is no different - educating consumers is a job for all of us members of the sustainable fashion movement - brands, e-commerce platforms, brick and mortar stores, magazines and other media, blogs and sustainable influencers because with an educated consumer comes a sharp and acute mind One that asks the relevant questions and questions the doings of the brands, and demands transparency and accountability which is all things that the traditional fashion companies are afraid of, because they do know that once they do, they'll stand naked with all their flaws and the marks of their vices out there for the whole world to see. Once again, education will spark the change, and we are all responsible for it.

Can you tell us more about what's in store for Francis Stories over the coming years?

Francis Stories path for the next years is one of consolidation of our collections, of creation of a true core of pieces and designs which we ambition to perfect over and over again, until we virtually reach a set of garments that we are perfectly happy with, and with which our customers are also perfectly happy. These will be pieces that will be perfected to the point that they will be functionally very long-lasting, and aesthetically relevant for (we desire) several decades. We want them to be classics on their own terms, but with our own aesthetic touch. We don't aim to cater to everyone, nor have a wide range of designs that reach a wide audience. We want to focus, find our niche, test and perfect our designs in the immediately next upcoming years, so that we can reach that end game. In the meantime, for as long as we are at this testing and perfecting phase, we will continue to produce smaller quantities than what most brands do, to avoid ending up with deadstock and creating unnecessary waste. Sustainability also comes from the correct management of resources, and we do make our best to follow that as well.

Explore our sustainable and ethical knitwear collection made by Francis Stories.

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A Welcome Message From Our Founders

We are part of the journey to a more sustainable future; Lårs Labels is a retail destination and experience for learning, education and creative inspiration. The industry is constantly evolving, and there are always new ways of doing things from exciting new materials, to manufacturing processes. We will be telling the brands’ stories, what's new, and how everyone can make small changes to their lives. Here, in the journal, is where we’ll be documenting what inspires us, industry changes, and what we can all do for a more sustainable future.

It's not about one person doing everything right, it's about a lot of people making smaller changes and Lårs Labels will be part of this journey.

Firstly, we’d like to introduce ourselves. I’m Sophie Larsen and have worked for over ten years as a Retail Buyer for some of the largest E-commerce sites globally. I set out to create a platform dedicated purely to conscious, considered products across fashion, beauty and lifestyle to allow customers to easily make positively impacting purchase decisions in one online location.

Co-Founded with Chris Jarrett, Chris is an award-winning Creative Director with over fifteen years experience in the creative and design industry, specialising in the fields of design, fashion, technology, film and visual arts.

We have always been passionate and inspired about sustainable ways of living and how to incorporate this into our personal and professional lives.  

Passionate about authenticity and transparency, we wanted to challenge the incredible amount of greenwashing, and lack of transparency across the industry.

We both wanted sustainable and ethically minded fashion and lifestyle products which also sat within our own personal style and design aesthetic. The more we researched, the more beautiful brands and products we found, but not a one stop shop which offered this. This led us to develop Lårs Labels, a name which originates from Sophie's Scandinavian heritage and minimalist approach to design and living.

Each brand and product on Lårs Labels is curated and shares our value of taking a long term approach to design, manufacturing and the consumption of products, whilst also focussing on what is morally right. Lårs Labels champion brands which are fully transparent in all of their processes who create goods which avoid harm to people, animals, and the planet, but also meet their love for beautiful, design led products, marrying both ethics and aesthetics.

We hope that you enjoy the site as much as we have creating it, working with inspirational, forward thinking brands. We look forward to growing, building and welcoming you to our community.

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Lårs Labels Launch & Press Features.

We have been thrilled with the response Lårs Labels has received over the first month of launching. We are hugely thankful to the support of our new environmentally and socially conscious customers, sustainable loving ambassadors and pro slow fashion editors, writing about us in the press.

It has been a joy to see our customers' summer purchases which have been beautifully navigated across categories and products in fashion, beauty and lifestyle.

Our customers' journey began with lifestyle essentials which included the naturally curated treasure basket by Grasp and Gather, 100% natural soy candles infused with essential oils by SVAR:ØG and OEKO TEX certified Cotton Blankets by Lüks. The journey continued into vegan footwear, organic beauty and ethically-made wardrobe pieces such as the Organic Cotton T-Shirt by Veryan and beautifully handmade 100% organic cotton dresses by A Perfect Nomad.


The Telegraph

“Lårs Labels makes shopping for chic, ethically-made pieces easy”

We received a very complimentary article written by Krissy Turner from The Telegraph, introducing Lårs Labels to their readers.

Key call outs included FRANKS London for special dresses and jumpsuits and Vanesa Vinhas for their beautifully handcrafted casual tailoring. It was also great to see that one of our main focuses was highlighted which is full transparency in the industry.

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Fashion and Beauty Monitor

“Each brand curated on Lårs Labels are fully transparent and ethical.”

Before launching, Sophie Larsen (Founder) was approached by Fashion and Beauty Monitor, the leading PR solutions provider for the fashion, beauty and lifestyle industries for an interview to find out more about the Lårs Labels site and our values.

The interview, hosted by Dale Barnett, tackled a broad array of topics such as the lack of transparency and greenwashing in the sustainable fashion, beauty and lifestyle market, and discussed Scandi minimalism and Sophie's advice to give to fashion and beauty entrepreneurs. We also shared insight into some of our vegan and ethically conscious brands and products on the site such as Humans Are Vain a Premium Swedish Vegan footwear brand that combines the latest sustainable materials and innovation methods with timeless contemporary design. Irene Forte who use more than 75 of the most effective natural and biomimetic ingredients and source locally and use handpicked, organic farming methods.

Read the Fashion and Beauty Monitor interview



“Your favourite sustainable fashion, beauty and lifestyle labels in one place”

Refinery29 is the modern woman's destination for how to live a stylish, well-rounded life.

Lårs Labels had the honour to receive a wonderful feature, 'Refinery29 Loves…What To See & Shop This Week'. Fashion Editor Georgia Murray made an introduction to Lårs Labels alongside Christopher Kane and PUMA, with key brand and product call outs including Veryan for their Linen Midi Dress In Navy, Birdsong for their Maxi Dress In White And Navy Blue Print and a Perfect Nomad for their Symi Organic Cotton Dress.

marie claire

"Your new go-to destination for a solid edit of ethical and sustainable products"

We are excited to have been positioned second out of 33 (2/33) on the marie claire website. They had selected Lårs Labels to be featured on their Hot List: Here’s what’s new in your favourite stores and online this week. A cool round up and ultimate shopping list written by marie claire Editor Sunil Makanjuly, where Lårs Labels sat alongside names such as Matches Fashion, Christian Louboutin, Alexander McQueen and Christopher Kane. As an ethically conscious fashion platform we are incredibly proud to represent slow and sustainable fashion and bring this to the mainstream.

The Sunday Times Style Magazine

"The future of online shopping."

Within the first couple of weeks of launching Lårs Labels we received a wonderful feature in the print edition of The Sunday Times Style Magazine. The STS Magazine is an Iconic edit of the best fashion and beauty products, combined with trusted opinion.

Fashion journalist Henrik Morten Lischke selected the beautiful Bower Minidress made from 100% linen responsibly produced in Portugal, whilst quoting larslabels.com as the future of online shopping.


"A newborn of the retail world."

BURO247 is a smart digital destination for luxury fashion, beauty and culture. On the week Lårs Labels launched they wrote a wonderful article on the importance of Sustainable Fashion and how the fashion industry is responsible for 10% of global carbon dioxide emissions each year. BURO. highlighted Lårs Labels as the go-to online shopping destination.

A newborn of the retail world, Lårs Labels is an online shopping destination wholly dedicated to fashion, beauty and lifestyle products that are both environmentally and socially conscious.

Lårs Labels exists to challenge the greenwashing and lack of transparency that define the retail industry's approach to sustainability.

Read the BURO. article here


Because Magazine

"Fashion fiends and sustainable fanatics rejoice, for the launch of Lårs Labels"

Because Magazine is a curated, daily selection of fashion, beauty and brains and we had the pleasure of speaking to them about our launch and exclusive must-have sustainable pieces.

Read The Because Magazine article

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In conversation with sustainable, female-led & conscious lifestyle brand SABINNA.

Lårs Labels have partnered with conscious lifestyle brand SABINNA; Run from their East London Studio, SABINNA offers signature handcraft details, statement silhouettes and vibrant colour palettes and prints, all produced ethically in Europe using natural fibers. We spoke with them to understand her vision and what sustainability means for her and the brand.

Explore our sustainable and conscious collection made SABINNA.

Tell us about SABINNA and who is behind the brand.

SABINNA stands for consciousness, storytelling and innovation. We are a female-led team, based in London and Vienna, offering sustainable products and experiences. We are well known for our signature handcraft details, strong silhouettes and vibrant colour palettes as well as being a modern storyteller for women.

What are your core sustainability values?

When talking about sustainable practices it's always important to bear in mind the size of the business. When I just started off by myself it was very difficult to establish relationships with suppliers or get my hands on innovative materials that would meet my ethical expectations. My sustainability framework was very different in year one compared to our framework today. There are certain values that were always important to me and the company was built with the aim to always respect those. We’ve always produced locally by partnering up with small independent factories in the UK. We started to make our own hand knits in Vienna and built our own knitwear studio there. Everyone who has worked with us was paid for their work - we don't support free internships or free work in general. When it comes to materials, we started working with natural fiber deadstock fabrics as this was the most sustainable material we could get back then. Moving forward, we’ve managed to establish great relationships with suppliers who we can get GOTS certified organic cotton from or the fabulous fabric Tencel. Sustainable practices are an ongoing process and with research and innovation in this field, new opportunities open up. As a company, it is our responsibility to keep learning and adding new practices to the business where possible.

We also explore sustainability beyond the product and make sure to be mindful about all aspects of our business. Our packaging is made out of corn and is 100% compostable and our tissue paper is printed using soy based ink and is completely acid-free. It's also really important to us to be conscious of our own production offcuts, which we never dispose of. Instead, we create our own scrunchies, hairbands and now also non-medical face masks out of them. Taking care of your garments is really important and we want the SABINNA customer to make the most out of it, which is why we also offer free repairing services to make the item feel like new again.

What inspires your collections?

I am alway inspired by other women and their stories. I like to listen to them, to image visual aspects of their memories and to transform them into clothes.

If you could change one thing about the apparel industry, what would it be?

I would like it to be more transparent. We need more accountability in our industry.

Can you tell us anything about the future of SABINNA for the coming years?

2020 has been an unusual and adventurous year for us - like for most businesses I assume. The plan is to  keep going, to stay true to our values and promises, to keep pushing the boundaries with innovation and to find a good balance between offering products and experiences.

Explore our sustainable and conscious collection made SABINNA.

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In conversation with Sustainable French Lingerie brand Olly.

We are proud partners with French lingerie brand Olly where eco-friendly underwear meets feminine design.

Our ethos is working with brands who are fully transparent in all of their processes from design to delivery and consistently look to improve their ways of working to develop their sustainability measures - Explore here for the Lårs Labels curated Olly edit.

Offering beautiful sets in classic yet modern shapes, Olly uses certified organic cotton and recycled lace using unharmful dyes, all produced in Europe. We spoke with one of the Olly founders Mathilde to discuss the brand further.

Tell us about Olly and who is behind the brand.

Behind Olly we are two young women, Mathilde and Clémentine. We met during our studies in Paris. We went for an exchange program in Berlin and it is in this amazing and very eco-friendly city that the idea of Olly popped up in our heads.

What are your core sustainability values?

We try our best to produce underwear that are the most eco-friendly: organic cotton, recycled lace, European made and non harmful dyes. But at Olly we don’t stop there, we really see sustainability as something global which is why we don’t do sales but prefer to have fair prices the whole year or choose to use eco-friendly packaging for instance.

Where do you get your inspiration from for your designs?

We imagine styles that we would love to wear for ourselves. That’s really our way of thinking, if something is not lovely enough or not comfortable enough for us we just don’t do it. So I would say that we are inspired by our everyday life, we always try to imagine the eco-friendly pants and bras of our dream, the ones that are beautiful, sustainable and comfortable. The ones that you will love and wear for a long time!

If you could change anything about the lingerie/apparel industry, what would you change?

We would banish greenwashing! That’s one of the main issues. People think that something is sustainable because it is made with recycled lace. But that is not enough. We need to know where the lace comes from, where the items were produced, in what conditions, by whom and if the brand produces in a reasonable way or incentivises us to always consume more with sales?
Sustainability and responsibility is a whole concept that implies many aspects, you cannot say that you are responsible if you use organic cotton but the product has been made by people working in poor conditions and for a very low income.

Can you tell us anything about what’s in store for Olly over the next 3 years?

We would like to enlarge our collections with other forms of bras and pants, launch swimsuits and go even further in sustainability using new materials such as tencel or natural dyes.
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